Thanks to all for supporting the NOLSC/NDTA Training symposium!(Naval Operational Logistics Support Center/National Defense Transportation Association) (Conference notes)



Mark Brady

LCDR Elisha Singleton, USN

Lisa Feritia

Andrea Ford

Sandria Hughes

Patti("PJ") Humphries

Kirstin Ingram

Ken McGrevu

Bob Reilly

Ann Tardy

Paul Vanhoosen


(in order of appearance)

Captain Raymond J. Rodriguez, SC, USN

Commanding Officer, Naval Operational Logistics Support Center (NOLSC)

RADM Kathleen Dussault, SC, USN

Dir, Supply, Ordnance & Logistics Operations Div (OPNAV N41)

Jeff Ackerson

Strategic Concept Developer, TRANSCOM Joint Concepts and Experiments Branch (TCJ5/4-TC)

RADM Michael Lyden, SC, USN

Commander, NAVSUP & Chief of Supply Corps

RADM Mark Heinrich. SC, USN

Commander, Fleet & Industrial Supply Centers

Redding Hobby

Director, Strategic Programs (J-39), DLA

Sindhu. P. Kavinamannil CFE

CEO, Compliance Consulting Services

Sam McCahon

Special Counsel, Litigation & Compliance, Agility

Lisa Roberts

Acting Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Transportation Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense

NOLSC Symposium Photographer:

Patti ("PJ")Humphries NOLSC Training Officer

NOLSC Symposium Reporters:

Jeff Campbell

Bob Reilly

Karen Schmitt

Cargo Routing Information File (CRIF)

Tanya Rockett, Traffic Management Specialist NOLSC

Classified Shipments

Ken McGrew, Director, Transportation and Distribution NOLSC

Container Management

Michael Walsh, Logistics Management Specialist,

Army Intermodal Distribution Platform Management Office (AIDPMO)


Pierre Kirk, Logistics Mgmt Specialist, NOLSC

DOD AIT Implementation Plan Update

David Blackford, TCJ5/4-T, Logistics Technology Integration

DTCI--"Current" Cost Avoidance & Metrics

Angela Stahl, SDDC * Leslie Sullivan, LMI

DTCI--"Next" (DT15)

Tim McNulty


Marco Boasso, Duty Officer

MSDDC-AMSSD-OPD, Scott Air Force Base

Financial and Air Clearance Transportation System Demo

Bob Dye, FACTS Instructor, NOLSC

Force Deployment Planning and Execution

Greg Butler, FDP&E Director, NOLSC

Funds/Obligation Controls for Transportation Payments

Stephanie Edwards, Comptroiler, NOLSC

Global Transportation Network

Sylvia Hammonds, Traffic Mgmt Specialist, NOLSC

Integrated Surface Distribution Data Cleansing Tool (ISDDC)

Christopher Heiby, Ocean Cargo Systems, HQ SDDC Scott AFB, AMSSD-IMA, SDDC

Joint Task Force Port Opening

Jeff Ackerson, Strategic Concept Developer, Joint Concepts & Experiments Branch


Mobility (SAAM/MILAIR/NALO/JA/ATT/Opportune Lift)

Greg Butler, FDP&E Director, NOLSC

NOLSC Ammo Topic: Naval Ordnance Management/Inventory Accuracy

Keith Rhodes, Director, Supply Chain Management, N413 NOLSC (Ammo)

NOLSC Ammo Topic: OIS-Retail/Mobile Fleet Support Training Team

Ralph McKracherne, NOLSC Ammo

NOLSC Ammo Topic: Unified Commanders/Contingency Support Management/Inventory Accuracy

Marty Groover, NOLSC Ammo

NOLSC N42/Fuel Topics: Environmental Compliance and Fuels Infrastructure/Autamated Fuels Handling Equipment

Lynn Currie, NOLSC Fuels, N42

Rich Franklin, NOLSC Fuels, N42

NOLSC N42/Fuel Topics: Naval Fuels/NOLSC Petroleum Overview, Sea Card[R]/Sea Card[R] Open Market

James Simmons, Duty Officer, MSDDC-AMSSDOPD Petroleum NOLSC (Scott AFB)

NOLSC N42/Fuel Topics: Task Force Energy

Lynda Turner, NOLSC N42 * Rick Kamin, NOLSC N42

NOLSC Plans and Operations

LCDR Alex Maitre, Logistics Plans, NOLSC

Ocean Topics USC6

Sandy Roseke, Contract Specialist, USTRANSCOM

Ordnance Information System--Demo

Lambros Tzerefos, N9 Dept Head, NOLSC

Pallets and Nets

Ray Bilo, Logistics Management Specialist, NOLSC

PAX Topics (Entitlements/Travel)

Bill Tirrell, DTMO

Service Wide Transportation

Sandria Hughes, Program Analyst, NOLSC

Cynthia Roberts, Program Mgmt. Analyst, NOLSC

Shippers & Air Clearance Interaction

Debra Williams, Supervisor, Traffic Management NOLSC

Transportation Coordinators Automated Information for Movement System (TCAIMS II)

Doug Hampton, NOLSC

Transportation & Distribution Optimization

Don McNeeley, Transportation and Distribution

Dept Head, NOLSC, N432

Transportation Exploitation Tool--Demo

Greg Butler, FDP&E Director, NOLSC

Transportation Officer Support

Mark Brady, Logistics Doctrine & PolicyDept


Robert Pope, COMFISCNDTA Exhibitors


American Military University (I-NetCafe)

Boyle Transportation (Silver Sponsor)

DB Schenker (Bronze Sponsor)

DHL Global Forwarding (Registration Pavilion/Wrist Bands)

Erudite (Bronze Sponsor)

Landstar System (Symposium Tote Bags)

Lockheed Martin (Bronze Sponsor)

Maersk Line, Ltd.(Ice Breaker/Refreshment Breaks)

National Air Cargo (Pocket Schedule/Directory)

Norfolk Southern (Keynote Luncheon)

Port of Port Arthur (Name Badge Holder/Lanyards)

Savi (Bronze Sponsor)

Southwest Airlines (Silver Sponsor)

The Hertz Corporation (Symposium Transport Support)

UPS (Symposium Shipping Support)

Universal Truckload (Gold Sponsor)


Air Compassion For Veterans

AKA Luxury Suites

American Military University

Boyle Transportation

Byrne Transportation Services

C.L Services, Inc.

COSMOS Containers

DHL Global Forwarding


FedEx Government Services

Garrett Container Systems/Sea Box


Integrity Transportation

Services, Inc. IGRY/MC

Lannes Williamson Pallets Inc.

Maersk Line, Limited

Mechanical Simulation International, Inc.

National Air Cargo

Nova Chemicals

Odin Technologies

OOIDA/First Observer

Panther Expedite

Pilot Air Freight


Tucker Company Worldwide, Inc.


YRC Worldwide

This was the 9th Symposium sponsored by NDTA and NOLSC, and its predecessor command NAVTRANS, and the first since 2006. The addition of fuel and ammunition professional track sessions brought expanded appeal and a more diversified audience than earlier events. The timeframe was especially significant because the Symposium took place just weeks following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Several command participants were heavily involved in relief and recovery operations, and they provided updates and first-hand information on Operation Unified Response. NDTA was very pleased to partner with NOLSC and extends sincere thanks to Captain Rodriguez and the NOLSC Team--Commander Michael Wilson, USN, Executive Officer; Mark Brady, Logistic Doctrine & Policy; and Ken McGrew, Director, Transportation and Distribution--for making it happen!



Captain Raymond J. Rodriguez, SC, USN, Commanding Officer of the Naval Operational Logistics Support Center (NOLSC), welcomed a record breaking crowd of nearly 450 attendees and exhibitors to the NOLSC/NDTA Training Symposium held at the Marriott Waterside Hotel. As is the case with all NDTA events, the Symposium provided excellent venues for networking, professional exchange, and thought provoking discussion. Rodriguez thanked the NOLSC/NDTA Steering Committee for organizing the Symposium, and Maersk Line, Limited, for their generous sponsorship of the evening icebreaker and reception the evening before.



Rodriguez briefed the audience on Navy operations in support of the earthquake in Haiti. Shortly after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit, NOLSC, NAVSUP, and COMFLSC, specifically the Jacksonville and Norfolk Centers, mobilized resources in concert with Military Sealift Command to facilitate movement of vital supplies and equipment. GITMO was designated a critical staging hub for transfer.

Rodriguez also reminded participants to "focus not only on core business, but also on other operational areas" to get the most out of the Symposium, a 3-day event offering an impressive lineup of headline speakers, breakout sessions, computer workshops, and an industry trade show. Ken Wykle, NDTA President, echoed the sentiment suggesting that attendees "step outside their comfort zone and engage a new circle of friends." After all, that's how things sometimes get done--through relationships and connections.



NOLSC/NDTA Symposium KEYNOTE SUMMARIES | "It's all About ..."

"It's All About the Money"

Rear Admiral Kathleen M. Dussault, SC, USN, Director, Supply, Ordnance and Logistics Operations Division (OPNAV N41)

The first keynote speaker slated for the NOLSC/NDTA Symposium was Rear Admiral Kathleen M. Dussault, SC, USN, Director, Supply, Ordnance and Logistics Operations Division (OPNAV N41). In this capacity, she is the decision maker on all naval logistics policy and issues. Her previous postings have included command of the Joint Contracting Command Iraq/Afghanistan, where she was one of the few supply corps officers to spend time in the combat zone, and duty aboard USS Seattle (AOE-3) as Afloat Logistics coordinator deployed to the 5th Fleet operating area. "Feed the Fight" was the ship's motto, and the mission was all about resources. "Now, it's all about the money ... what it can buy, and how we can preserve our resources to extend capability in years to come," she said in opening remarks. Dussault misses the camaraderie of her former days, but finds her current role rewarding, especially in the light of the capability and infrastructure that NOLSC brings to the table. "What we do at the tip of the sword is exciting. But, in order to do that, we have to enable the capability from the back room [at OPNAV]."



Acquisition Logistics is a key area of responsibility with its own unique set of challenges. Forecasting goes far beyond front end costs to include full life cycle sustainment and reset. According to Dussault, "N4l [the Supply, Ordnance and Logistics Division of OPNAV] touches on a whole host of responsibilities from ordnance oversight and spare parts to environmental stewardship and quality of life issues. It's a joint picture, a balancing act between logistics funding and re-sourcing. There is a tremendous amount of pressure and questions:

* How can we afford ships and aircraft?

* How can we afford military personnel to operate in those environments?

* How do we maintain our...

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