Author:Kenny, Jack

Most major anniversaries, special occasions and monuments don't faze me. I am more likely to bring flowers to my wife on July 8 than on February 14, because I love her on a Thursday in summer, not just on Valentine's Day. Therefore, it seems like a fine idea to celebrate Label & Narrow Web's ninth birthday, to blow our horn. And yours, too.

You, the readers, tell us that we are doing our job well. The praise is humbling and fulfilling. We try, we listen to you, we strive to understand everything in this fascinating industry, we work at separating the facts from the other stuff.

"Excellent." "One of the very best I have ever seen." "We are extremely pleased." "The most balanced and comprehensive." "Your publication just gets better and better." "The best label magazine in the industry." People say these things, and write them, too. We are grateful.

Our goals are simple: to inform and to educate. And whenever possible, to entertain. We cannot achieve our editorial goals without you, our talented readers--narrow web converters, the suppliers, and the countless support people throughout...

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