Thank you to the Review of Public Personnel Administration Community

Published date01 December 2023
AuthorJessica E. Sowa
Date01 December 2023
Subject MatterEditorial
Review of Public Personnel Administration
2023, Vol. 43(4) 619 –622
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DOI: 10.1177/0734371X231213900
Thank you to the
Review of Public Personnel
Administration Community
It is amazing to me that I am finishing my term as the editor-in-chief of the Review of
Public Personnel Administration (ROPPA) as I enter my 20th year as a professor (time
sure does fly). This journal, which includes the work of so many amazing scholars
who have shaped my life and scholarship, has been a critical touchstone in my profes-
sional journey. It has been a great honor and the highlight of my career to date to serve
as editor for the past 6 years. As I curate the final issue of my term, I wanted to take the
opportunity to thank those who have guided me along with the way, those who have
served on my team, and share some insights on what I have learned through the editing
process. Finally, I would like to leave you with a brief wish list of research I would
love to see in ROPPA in the future.
When I think of ROPPA, I think of the history and long legacy of human resources
(HR) scholars who helped center the importance of people—who they are and how
they are managed—in the study of public administration. I have been unbelievably
blessed to work with and gain knowledge from so many of these scholars. But, I want
to specifically thank a few people who have been integral to my journey—Sally
Selden, who seeded and then nurtured my love for all things HR, Steve Hays, for men-
toring me as an early career scholar and introducing me to ROPPA and the Section on
Personnel Administration and Labor Relations (SPALR) community, Patricia
Ingraham, for her love of the civil service, and finally Mary Guy and Norma Riccucci,
for being the exemplars on how to be both excellent scholars and humans, two amaz-
ing women who are tireless in working to make the field better for those coming up
after them.
Editing is a team endeavor and I have had the privilege to work directly with a
number of talented scholars and selfless humans in doing this journey—Christine
Rush, Meghna Sabharwal, Jaclyn Piatak, Alexander Henderson, Helen Yu, Caroline
Howard Grøn, Taha Hameduddin, John Marvel, Christian Jacobson, Azad Singh Bali,
and Pablo Sanabria-Pulido. For those of you who have been editors, you know that
you get by with help from friends—Staci Zavattaro and Mary Feeney in particular
were always there to listen, guide, and commiserate around what is sometimes a very
stressful job. There are so many others of you that have helped along with the way—
reviewers, authors, deans, colleagues, and friends. Public Administration is a field
blessed with so many terrific people—this would be a really long editorial if I named
them all. Just know that I am grateful to be a member of this field and thankful that I
get to hang out with you all.
1213900ROPXXX10.1177/0734371X231213900Review of Public Personnel AdministrationEditorial

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