thank you: CalCPA Salutes Those Who Keep CPA-PAC Strong Providing a Voice.


CalCPA's independent, voluntary, political action committee allows CalCPA to connect with legislators and candidates, regardless of political affiliation. The stronger the CPA-PAC becomes through increased membership and contributions, the greater our chances for affecting positive, pro-CPA change in California's political climate, We'd like to thank all those who have contributed to CPA-PAC this year (as of Aug. 31), You've made a difference for the CPA profession in California, If you haven't yet joined CPA-PAC, visit

More Than 500

Dean Andal, Andrea Cope, Conrad Davis, John DiCarlo, Loretta Doon.


Peter Goldberg, Linda Montgomery, Robert Reynolds, Cory Stigile, Vollmer Daniel Gaebe & Grove CPAs, George Yamada.


Harvey Armstrong, Lynette Atchley, Dennis Brach, Annise Brokstein, Garry Browning, Gregory Burke, William Cleary, Derrick DeBruyne, Daniel Faulk, Thomas Gilbert. Hills Renaut Homen & Hughes, AC, Kathryn Johnson, Edward Jordan, Andrew Mintzer, Elizabeth Osborne, Pfahnl & Hunt Accty Corp, Mike Ray, Greg Regan, Laura Ross, Johanna Salt, Scott Seamands, Lewis Sharpstone, Shinault Baker & Company, Richard Simitian, Annette Stalker, Dalton Sweaney, Michael Ueltzen, Clifford Vanderbeek, Jennifer Ziegler.


Adam Blitz, Dawn Brenner, Ashley Casey, Arthur Chin, Tayiika Dennis, Joseph Forlenza, Chrislynn Freed, Walter Ghirardclli, Brewster Gray, Carrie Hidding, Marion Iles, Jana Joke, Eduardo Jordan, William King, Donald Lewellen, James Macklin, Matthew Martin, Kymberly Messersmith, Donald Metzler, Don Nelson, Charlie Osaki, Chris Parker, Eileen Pastenieks, Kenneth Pun, Antonio Ramirez, Okorie Ramsey, Miklos Ringbauer, Kathy Scroggs, Amber Setter, Darcia Stebbens, Melody Thornton, Vasquez & Co LLP, Charlotte Wall, Michelle Walters, Patricia Williams, Matthew Wilson.

$100 and Under

Dale Aaronson, Eugenia Acosta, Drew Adams, Kevin Agapin, Hyacinth Ahuruonye, Shiraz Aladin, Syed Alam, Jesus Albernas, Ralph Alberto, Ralph Alberto, Freshta Ali, William Allen, Terry Allen, Bryan Alvistur, Christopher Amy, Douglas Anderson, Sarah Anderson, Ken Anderson, Karen Andre, Gregory Andruk, Kenneth Antell, Alec Araradian, Devin Arbiter, Michael Armstrong, Richard Arnold, Stan Arutti, Kenneth Ashcraft, Francis Astrinos, Jacqualine Att, Barbara Aue, Susan Bachtelle, Michael Baird, Jamie Baker, Peter Balbiani, Ellis Balsam, Bruce Bandemer, Robert Bankson, Hideo Bannai, Veronica Barajas, Isaac Baranowicz, Sarah...

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