thank you: CalCPA salutes those who keep CPA-PAC strong providing a voice.


CalCPA's independent, voluntary, nonprofit political action arm supports candidates regardless of political affiliation. The stronger CPA-PAC becomes through increased membership and contributions, the greater our chances for affecting positive, pro-CPA change in California's political climate. We'd like to thank all those that have contributed to CPA-PAC this year (as of July 31, 2017). You've made a difference for the CPA profession in California. If you haven't yet joined CPA-PAC, do so today:

More than $500

Richard Barnes, Andrea Cope, Jennifer Ziegler, Windes Inc.


Annise Brokstein, Scott Donnelly, Loretta Doon, Burton Forester, Gray Salt & Associates LLP, Benjamin Mozzetti, Pfahnl & Hunt Accty Corp, Robert Reynolds, Ralph Ricciardi, Michael Ueltzen, Vollmer Daniel Gaebe & Grove CPAs, Charlotte Wall


Lynette Atchley, Lynda Boman, Garry Browning, Joseph Broyles, Gregory Burke, Grace Clark, Kay Coffin, Derrick DeBruyne, Fisher & Bagley CPAs, Hood & Strong LLP CPAs, Huff & Vander Beek LLP, Kathryn Johnson, Leslie LaManna, Teresa Mason, McGilloway, Ray, Brown & Kaufman Accountants and Consultants, Andrew Mintzer, Linda Montgomery, Elizabeth Osborne, Marc Parkinson, Paul Regan, Laura Ross, Johanna Salt, Lewis Sharpstone, Shinault Baker & Company, Cory Stigile, Wasserman & Kleinfeld LLP


A G Spanos Companies Inc, Bachtelle Vossman & Company, Thomas Bret, Arthur Chin, Collis & Ramos, LLP, Conrad Davis, Dempster & Dietler LLP CPAs, Thomas Dial, Deryl Dyson, G L Howard and Company CPAs, LLP, David George, Charles Gielow, Diane Green, Ronald Greene, Justin Gugajew, Harris Greene LLP, HW LLP, Johnston Kelley & Company, Kenneth Frank Accountancy, APC, Jeanne Laye, Levy Erlanger & Company CPAs, Matthew Martin, Morgan Adams, Inc., Moss, Levy & Hartzheim, LLP, Don Nelson, Nigra Karlin Segal Feldstein & Bolno LLC, Charles Osaki, Pinotti & Associates Inc, Richard H O'Hara & Co, Robert W Johnson, A/C, Swain & Kennerson, Stefan Wolowicz, Wren Kelly CPAs LLP

$100 & Under

Christopher Aasness, Alex Accetta, Eugenia Acosta, Drew Adams, Kevin Agapin, Syed Alam, Courtney Alexanderson, William Allen, Alexander Alvarez, Alvarez & Shelley PC, Bryan Alvistur, Christopher Amy, Gordon Anderson, Ken Anderson, Sarah Anderson, Anderson Folkoff & Company Inc, Alexander Anguiano, Anita M Waits CPA, Joseph Anselmo, Arner & Horn, Certified Public Accountants, Richard Arnold, Anna Arroyo, Stan Arutti, ASAM, LLP, David Aurit, Meredith Austin, Avaunt Ltd CPAs & Consultants, Katherine Ayer, Michael Baird, Anna...

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