Thank You and Welcome Aboard!

Date01 January 2015
Published date01 January 2015
8 Public Administration Review • January | February 2015
Public Administration Review,
Vol. 75, Iss. 1, pp. 8–10. © 2014 by
The American Society for Public Administration.
DOI: 10.1111/puar.12327.
ank You and Welcome Aboard!
The editorial team would like to thank 26
individuals who have served on Public
Administration Reviews Editorial Board for
the past three years.  ey have shown their support
for the journal by reviewing articles and providing
feedback to the editors about present and future
plans. We recognize the following individuals for their
P. K. Agarwal, TiE Global
Pablo Alonso, Inter-American Development Bank
Barry Anderson, National Governors Association
Germà Bel, University of Barcelona, Spain
Jo Ivey Bouf‌f ord, New York Academy of Medicine
George Boyne, Cardif‌f University, United
Jonathan D. Breul, IBM Center for  e Business
of Government
Derick W. Brinkerhof‌f , RTI International
Tom Christensen, University of Oslo, Norway
David Coursey, University of Texas at Arlington
Amy Donahue, University of Connecticut
Christopher Gates, Philanthropy for Active Civic
Engagement (PACE)
Carolyn J. Heinrich, University of Texas at
Annie Hondeghem, University of Leuven,
Yilin Hou, Syracuse University
Michael Howlett, Simon Fraser University,
Philip Joyce, University of Maryland
Kwangho Jung, Seoul National University, South
Sabine Kuhlmann, University of Potsdam,
Zhiyong Lan, Arizona State University and
Renmin University, China
M. Jae Moon, Yonsei University, South Korea
Mirko Noordegraaf, Utrecht University, the
Robert J. Shea, Grant  ornton
Chris Skelcher, University of Birmingham,
United Kingdom
Mary Tschirhart, e Ohio State University
Michael C. Van Milligen, City of Dubuque, Iowa
We welcome aboard 26 new Editorial Board members
for 2014–16. We are excited about their participation
in the coming years.
Claudia N. Avellaneda is associate professor in the
School of Public and Environmental Af‌f airs at Indiana
University. She is interested in public management
and governance in developing countries, local govern-
ments, public policy, and comparative politics, with a
regional focus on Latin America. Her current research
examines the determinants of local government
performance and highlights the role of mayors’ back-
grounds, networking activities, and decision making.
Lawrence Cooley is president of Management
Systems International (MSI), a private consulting f‌i rm
specializing in democracy and governance, interna-
tional development, and performance management.
Mr. Cooley directed MSI’s Implementing Policy
Change program, advising the governments of 40
countries on change management. He is a National
Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) fellow
and co-chair of its Standing Panel on International
Af‌f airs. He holds advanced degrees from Colombia
University, Princeton University, and the Cranf‌i eld
School of Management.
Cristina Diaz directs the Policy and Management
Center at Rosario National University and the mas-
ter’s degree program in public policy evaluation at
the National University of Entre Ríos in Argentina.
She earned a graduate degree in social sciences from
the Latin American Social Sciences Institute and an
expert diploma on local development through the
International Labour Organization. Since 1984,
she has taught graduate and postgraduate courses,
developed research, counseled, and managed aca-
demic activities at various universities in Argentina,
Italy, and Latin America; served as consultant for
national, provincial, and local organizations; and was
president of the Inter-American Network for Public
Administration Education.
Angela M. Evans is clinical professor of the practice
of public policy in the Lyndon B. Johnson School
of Public Af‌f airs at the University of Texas at Austin,

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