Thank You and Welcome Aboard!

Date01 January 2014
Published date01 January 2014
Thank You and Welcome Aboard! 5
Public Administration Review,
Vol. 74, Iss. 1, pp. 5–7. © 2014 by
The American Society for Public Administration.
DOI: 10.1111/puar.12182.
The PAR editorial team would like to thank
nine individuals who have served on the
Editorial Board for the past three years.  ey
have shown their support for the journal by reviewing
articles and providing feedback to the editors about
present and future plans. We recognize the following
individuals for their service:
Maria Aristigueta, University of Delaware
Bidhya Bowornwathana, Chulalongkorn
University,  ailand
William D. Duncombe, Syracuse University
Ali Farazmand, Florida Atlantic University
James L. Garnett, Rutgers University–Camden
Jim Hartmann, Seminole County, Florida
Martha Joynt Kumar, Towson University
Christine R. Martell, University of Colorado
Patricia Shields, Texas State University at
San Marcos
Eran Vigoda-Gadot, University of Haifa, Israel
Kaifeng Yang, Florida State University
We also welcome aboard 22 new editorial board mem-
bers for 2014–16. We are excited about their partici-
pation in the coming years.
R. Paul Battaglio, Jr., is associate professor of
public af‌f airs at the University of Texas at Dallas.
Dr. Battaglio’s research interests include public human
resource management, organization theory and behav-
ior, public and nonprof‌i t management, comparative
public policy, and research methods. Dr. Battaglio
is currently editor in chief of the Review of Public
Personnel Administration.
Victor Bekkers is professor of public administration
and public policy at Erasmus University Rotterdam
in the Netherlands. His research focuses on how infor-
mation communications technologies, the Internet,
and social media change the content and course of
policy, governance, and service delivery processes
in the public sector. He also coordinates a program
funded by the European Union (EU, Seventh
Framework) that investigates the drivers and barri-
ers behind social innovation in the public sectors of
12 EU countries.
Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr., is city manager of
Sanford, Florida, and has held similar posi-
tions in Topeka, Kansas; Plainf‌i eld, Camden, and
Willingboro, New Jersey; and Glenarden, Maryland.
He has taught graduate public management courses
at Rutgers University and served as principal instruc-
tor for the University of Kansas’s Emerging Leaders
Academy. He is a fellow of the National Academy of
Public Administration.
omas Bryer is associate professor and director of
the Center for Public and Nonprof‌i t Management in
the School of Public Administration at the University
of Central Florida. His research and teaching focuses
on citizen participation, cross-sector collaboration
and governance, and the scholarship of teaching and
learning, with an emphasis on university–community
partnership. Professor Bryer serves as chair of the
American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)
Section on Public Administration Education and
was founding chair of ASPA’s Technology Advisory
Heungsuk Choi is professor in the Department of
Public Administration at Korea University in Seoul.
His research focuses on institutional development and
administrative reform, comparative analysis of public
service delivery, e-government, and local govern-
ance. He is the founding director of the Center for
Governance Design at Korea University.
Robert K. Christensen is associate professor of public
administration and policy in the School of Public and
International Af‌f airs at the University of Georgia. His
research focuses on prosocial and antisocial motiva-
tions and behaviors in public and nonprof‌i t organiza-
tions. He is currently a Lilly Teaching Fellow at the
University of Georgia.
ank You and Welcome Aboard!

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