A Terrible Unrest.

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A Terrible Unrest

Philip Duke

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9781782794370, $22.95, 359pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: When Spiro, Maria and Anna Andrakis, a young immigrant family from Greece, are unwillingly thrust into the maelstrom of the Colorado Coalfield War (1913-1914), the most brutal labor conflict in American history, they must overcome a series of tragedies that change their lives forever. "A Terrible Unrest" is a novel of desperate bravery and horrendous violence, of unflinching loyalty, abject betrayal and human survival.

Critique: The Colorado Coalfield War was a major labor uprising in Colorado between 1913 and 1914. It culminated in the Ludlow Strike, which ended as a massacre when the Colorado National Guard attacked a tent city occupied by striking coal miners. In retaliation for Ludlow, the miners armed themselves...

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