Telco video, my time TV[SM], your stream TV and beyongd-video solutions for everyone.


The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) is committed to the success of small- and medium-sized telcos--and we're the only programming aggregator in the United States that is owned by telcos.

You're familiar with NRTC's programming offering, TelcoVideo, which leverages NRTC's collective bargaining strength so that smaller operators can launch and grow their video businesses. As a complement to TelcoVideo, NRTC has launched MyTimeTV[SM], an affordable TV Everywhere solution designed with small- and medium-sized telcos in mind. And through NeoNova, NRTC's wholly owned cloud-based ISP subsidiary, your subscribers can enjoy local TV channels online via YourStream TV.

MyTimeTV[SM] allows cable, satellite or IPTV subscribers to watch programming on electronic platforms beyond the home TV set. It's the TV Everywhere service from NRTC that enables subscribers to watch the same programs they get on a TV set on an Internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Once a subscriber logs in, the content is streamed to the supported device for them to watch wherever and whenever they want.

MyTirneTV[SM] offers:

> Extremely competitive service rates for NRTC members with added discounts for TelcoVideo members.

> Advanced programming rights for TelcoVideo members and rights acquisition support available for non-TelcoVideo members.

> Seamless and hassle free set-up and operation--MyTimeTV[SM] can be live to your subscribers 60 days from the time we receive confirmation of rights from a programmer; subject to programmers technical and timeline requirements.

> A username and password credentialing system designed to allow your subscribers instant access to programming.

With NeoNova's YourStream TV, your subscribers can watch local TV channels online. Developed with NRTC member Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom...

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