Technology: two quick hits.

Author:Krasnick, Steven H.
Position:Technology - Computer security

Network security

Here are four security maintenance recommendations that can be implemented with little to no cost:

  1. Keep Microsoft software updated -- Microsoft offers free updates to most of its software packages through Updates are posted weekly, if not on a daily basis.

  2. Protect yourself from spyware -- Spyware are small programs that are deposited onto your computer when you visit certain Websites, such as gambling or gaming sites. To protect your privacy, use anti-spyware software such as adaware at

  3. Protect your data -- Password protect your computers, as well as any sensitive files. Choose passwords that are hard to guess. (To test password strength, check out In addition, back up your data daily to reliable media (CD, tape, zip drive or online) and check these on a regular basis.

  4. Safeguard your broadband Internet connection -- If you have cable DSL, or some other high-speed Internet service, you should install a personal firewall. A firewall will prevent unwanted persons from accessing your computer and/or network. Check out for a free personal firewall.

    Wireless networking

    Wireless networking allows mobile computers and other devices to be connected to a network/Internet without standard cables. A basic office wireless network requires several components:

  5. A wireless router or access point -- A wireless router will connect you directly to your cable or DSL modem. On an existing business network, all that may be necessary is an...

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