Acquisition and use of library resources in a university of technology: a statistical record assessment.

Author:Oluwakemi, Towolawi K.


Many organizations rely on data-driven decisions to evaluate and improve. Adebowale (2006), Ogundipe, Lucas & Sanni (2005) defined data as raw facts, unassembled and frequently unrelated symbols which are the building blocks of information. Tanur, Mosteller and Peters (1989) as quoted by Adetoro (2008) also corroborated and suggested that data is a guide to the unknown. Adamu S & Johnson (2006) emphasized that statistics is the aspect of decision making which has to do with numerical information. According to Adetoro (2008), the library relies on numerical data to understand the present and make corrections and improvements in the future. In many libraries all over the world, statistics which is an important aspect of modern life are compiled on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis through recording information about activities and services which the library provides for its users. Library statistics include: traffic, registered users, materials consulted, and materials loaned which Adetoro (2008) quoted Sokoya (2002), describes as derived records of library use.

Bells University of Technology

The Bells University of Technology, Ota is the first private University of Technology in Nigeria. It was established by the Bells Education Foundation and obtained its operational license on 9th June, 2005. In addition to teaching, learning and research, the University has "training" as a mission, so that its products can go from "Lab to Land." The University is committed to the development and transformation of the society through environmental friendly technology and other innovations

The University Library

The University Library has a collection of over 15,000 volumes of current and relevant books in its core areas as well as related programmes. It equally makes provision for recreational reading materials, study kits, general knowledge materials, with about 600 Journal titles in about 1,500 volumes. The library is connected to the Internet with the electronic section having over 70 computers and accessories with open access to web based and non web based electronic resources of over 50,000 titles and subscriptions to more than 600 print journal titles, local and foreign, as well as national newspapers and magazines. Objectives of the Study

The objective of this study is to analyze the acquisition and use of library books and journals for the last five years in a University of Technology

The specific objectives are:

* To determine the number of books and journals acquired during the period under study.

* To ascertain the number of books and journals consulted by different categories of users during the period under study.

* To...

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