Tech Tools To Make Going Away and Coming Home Easier.

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Tech Tools To Make Going Away and Coming Home Easier

Missing family, furry friends, favorite shows, and regular routines can take the fun out of frequent travel. Yet the wonderful feeling of returning home is often offset by a backlog of to-dos at the office.

Here's a list of economical technology ideas to help you feel closer to home while away and make the return to the office less painful.

Get A Webcam

For around $50 you can add a basic webcam to your home computer and get priceless live communication with loved ones while you're on the road. Once you see the look of fascination on kids' faces when they see remote relatives appear on the screen, you'll know the dollars for your tiny laptop webcam were well spent.

Send The Little Ones To High-Tech Care

Want to check on your children or pets from anywhere in the world? You're not alone. According to a 2003 Kennel of the Future survey conducted by Best Friends Pet Care, 50% of respondents "would like a video monitoring service that would allow them to look in on their pets via the Internet while they are away." Although it may take some research to find the right high-tech care providers, it's surely worth the peace of mind!

Bring Your Favorite Shows Along

You can turn your laptop into a TV tuner/recorder with a card or a personal recorder for about $100, or extend your TiVo service to your laptop with the new TiVo-To-Go service. So there's no longer a reason to get out of touch with your favorite programs, even if your travel agenda includes evening entertainment.

Remote Control Your Home

Wishing for a warm welcome home? For as little as $50 - $150 spent with technology...

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