Low-tech tools bring high-value rewards: one of the greatest positive byproducts of a print solution is how the activity of writing promotes better learning.

Author:Kelly, Shiloh

EVEN WITH THE ABUNDANCE of high-tech solutions for franchise businesses, low-tech solutions like taking pen to paper still remain vital daily tools for many franchise managers. This isn't due to a lack of sophistication, money or resources; it's just plain effective. The fact is the combination of the two stimulates higher brain activity and efficiency, which provides more fluidity within an operation.

While high-tech solutions are enticing to chains, it's important to not become mesmerized into thinking they are the sole answer. Research shows that pen and paper solutions have notable benefits that cannot be easily dismissed. According to Newsweek, brain scans show that writing things down engages more of the brain.

One of the greatest positive byproducts of a print solution is how the activity of writing promotes better learning. When neural activity is heightened, more neural pathways are built that the brain then processes into practical working memory; basically ensuring information is stored in a way that can be easily accessed for later use. Writing things down literally creates an imprint in the brain, promoting stronger and longer-lasting recognition, which makes it easier to learn and remember.

Oddly enough, because a person is thinking and using her hand at the same time, she is using multiple neural networks; and is also inadvertently backing up the information in more than one place. This has the added benefit of storing the information into long-term memory. Moreover, with an increase in stored memory, people are more successful in activating knowledge to use in any new situation leading to better, faster decision making, which is a keen advantage for those in a management role.

Benefits of Writing

Additionally, writing has been shown to lower stress, allowing the individual to focus on the content being created more clearly. During that creation process, one is using a higher level of cognitive reasoning.

Other notable benefits include:

* Activates attentive learning

* Imprints on memory

* Heightens recall

* Creates prioritization

* Generates brain health

* Reduces stress levels

* Establishes focus

* Strengthens awareness

* Uses more of the brain

It is no surprise that tens of thousands of franchise locations, representing more than 300,000 managers, rely heavily on a customized, paper-based daily planner to implement successful management. This tool is available throughout their day, aiding managers through complex...

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