Tech leasing on the increase.

Position:Business Briefs - Survey results suggest leasing thought to stretch IT budgets - Brief Article - Statistical Data Included

Information technology decision-makers in businesses from all sectors are turning to leasing to stretch IT budgets and simplify technology management, according to a survey conducted by worldwide public relations firm Hill and Knowlton for Compaq Financial Services, a division of Compaq Computer Corp. In addition, the survey found than 74 percent of the 700 respondents that now lease plan to lease the same amount or more during 2002.

Other significant findings:

* 51 percent of the respondents that have more than 100 desktops/laptops who plan to lease in 2002 said the economic downturn would have an impact on their company's decision to lease more IT equipment in 2002 than in 2001; 49 percent said the economy will not...

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