A high-tech economy thermometer for the food service industry.

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Cooper-Atkins Corp., one of the nation's leaders in thermometer technology, has introduced the Atkins Econo Temp 32311 economy thermocouple thermometer, a completely redesigned version of the popular EconoTemp 313.


The EconoTemp 32311 thermocouple thermometer was designed primarily for the food service industry. The new-technology microprocessors have been incorporated into the control board to give the model 32311 faster and smoother operation while extending battery life. The slim-line design fits nicely in the palm of the hand. The addition of a molded rubber boot also makes the model 32311 impact and water resistant.

The EconoTemp 32311 handles a food temperature range of -40[degrees] to 500[degrees]F (-40[degrees] to 260[degrees]C) with accuracy of [+ or -]2[degrees]F ([+ or -]1[degrees]C). The thermocouple runs on three AAA...

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