TECH CHECK FOR THE ON-DEMAND ECONOMY: When it comes to technology, outfit your hourly employees like you would office workers.

Author:Ryu, Keith

Nine-to-five office workers have long enjoyed the benefits of productivity tools such as Slack, Google Drive and Trello. But historically, hourly workers have gotten the short end of the stick. Until now. Tech providers are increasingly aware that hourly employees require tech solutions, too.

For example, Microsoft recently announced new functionality for its Teams application--an office chat tool designed for office workers. The latest updates to the tool specifically target shift workers, including employees in the restaurant, service and retail industries


Microsoft's Teams update is part of a larger trend that leverages technology to improve efficiency for hourly workers. Although these solutions are usually associated with office workers, tech providers and hourly workers themselves now recognize the impact technology can have on shift work. With a burgeoning job market, the rise of the gig economy and a growing number of options for hourly employees, employers must prioritize the employee experience to retain talent.

The push for technology in shift work may come as shock to some franchisees. But faced with a 49 percent turnover rate among hourly workers and an average cost of $4,969 to replace a single shift worker, it's in the best interests of franchisees to embrace technology as a resource for improved efficiency and retention. So what do modern hourly workers require and how do you equip your worker with the tech tools they need?


Hourly workers are tech-savvy employees. They expect the same level of technological empowerment as their white-collar peers. To prevent your employees from defecting to competitors with better digital tools, there are several tech-related issues worth considering:


Sixty-seven percent of employees already use a personal device at work regardless of their employer's BYOD policy, according to Microsoft. Allowing the use of employees' preferred devices is key for reaping the benefits of an improved employee experience. With the right apps and tools available for download on any device, your business data will remain secure within the productivity app and you'll no longer need to supply additional mobile devices for use on the job.


Scheduling already occurs via mobile for many shift workers. Managers often create a schedule and text individual employees to inform them of their shift assignments. But a centralized tool allowing employees...

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