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Author:Rebhun, Elliott

With all that's going on in the world, the year ahead promises to be a momentous one--and a challenge for high school teachers who try to make sense of it all for their students.

That's where The New York Times Upfront comes in. Our goal is connecting current events to your curriculum, helping your students understand what's happening in the U.S. and abroad--and why it all matters to them, their families, and the nation.

From the 2012 election to the role of the Constitution in American life today, from the rising power of China and India to the turmoil in the Middle East, Upfront brings it all into your classroom in a way that engages students as no other publication or textbook can.

At the same time, Upfront builds comprehension and critical-thinking skills, preparing students for state standardized tests, for the SAT and ACT, and for the reading and analysis they'll be doing throughout high school, in college, and beyond.

With the re-launch of Upfrontmagazine.com this fall, your subscription includes free access to online extras like slideshows, videos, and other multimedia; a College Prep supplement with additional quizzes modeled on the SAT and ACT; and our new whiteboard-ready digital edition. We hope these resources further improve the experience you and your students have with Upfront.


KEY ARTICLES CURRICULUM STANDARDS Subject/NCSS COMMON CORE * 6 NATIONAL U.S. HISTORY READING: 1, 2, WHY THE CIVIL WAR STILL ISN'T SOCIAL STUDIES 3, 4, 7, 10 HISTORY * Time, SPEAKING/ On the conflict's 150th Continuity, & LISTENING:1, 2 anniversary, the nation Change LANGUAGE: 4, 5 remains divided over its * Individuals, meaning and legacy. Groups, & Institutions 8 NATIONAL...

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