Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) has responded to the complex issue of attempting to move journal databases into Microsoft Office 365 with their newest development: De- Journaling.

Already the migration tool of choice for organizations requiring an expert, trusted partner for their compliant data transformation initiatives, TDS Evolve is the most effective and trusted way to evolve legacy archives to new and improved platforms. Adding to the astonishing technological achievement of supporting roughly 60 percent more sources and destinations than any other solution on the market, the new de-journaling capability will now allow organizations to quickly and easily migrate journal data into Microsoft Office 365.

"It had been a hurdle for many migrating into Microsoft Office 365 because it does not offer journal methodology," said Marcella P. Arthur, global vice president of marketing and channel operations at Trusted Data Solutions. "TDS Evolve's De-journaling technology will allow journal to Microsoft Office 365 migration to start on day one, significantly expediting the migration timeline and still with full chain of custody."

The new technology allows TDS to access data in smaller pieces that can be migrated much sooner than the traditional virtual mailbox method. Previously, when organizations move their journal data to Office 365, they need to first separate emails into buckets for individual users. Only after these emails have been separate can the data be migrated into Office 365 it could often take two to three months to simply index the data before a single email can be migrated. With the new de-journaling method, the migration can begin on day one.

"TDS Evolve was already the top migration tool in the industry, supporting the most number of sources and destination archives in the market," Chris Mueller, director of migration services at Trusted Data Solutions said. "This new function is definitely the cherry on top of that cake...

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