TD Bank introduces latest installment in its 'bank human' campaign.


TD BANK, CHERRY HILL, N.J., has announced the third installment in its "Bank Human" campaign, which uses cinematic-style advertisements to illustrate that it doesn't take superhuman powers to solve customer problems.

Launched in 2013, the Bank Human campaign originally highlighted common customer frustrations, such as waiting a week to get a debit card or dealing with automated tellers, contrasting these unpleasant banking transactions with TD Bank's more human approach.

The third campaign centers on what customers need by highlighting common pain points such as the natural tendency to run late, the desire for convenience and the need to balance spending and saving, recognizing that customers' problems are important to them. The campaign portrays a diverse group of customers, including a same-sex couple.

"We've taken a human, light-hearted approach to how we tell our stories, with an emphasis on sharing local stories and inspiring real conversations across a variety of digital, social and offline channels," says Vinoo Vijay, chief marketing officer. "

The third campaign features a variety of contextual advertisements tailored for multiple media. For example, the commercials, which debuted in movie theaters this summer, have a distinctly cinematic feel, while the Internet "bumper ads" on Hulu and other digital video...

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