Taxi passenger settles crash case for $500K.


Byline: Bill Cresenzo

A 58-year-old passenger in a Charlotte taxi cab who was severely injured after her driver swerved to avoid another taxi has settled a lawsuit against the second cab driver and his company for $500,000, her attorney reports.

Hunter Gillespie of Auger and Auger in Charlotte reports that his client, Margaret Linville of New Mexico, was in Charlotte on business in September 2015 when the taxi she and her family were riding in hit a telephone pole. The driver told police that he had swerved to avoid another taxi, which had left the scene.

Linville suffered comminuted fractures (meaning the bone was splintered into many pieces) of both thigh bones just above the knee joints, fractured ribs, and a traumatic brain injury to the temporal lobe accompanied by hemorrhaging. After surgery and a lengthy hospital stay in Charlotte, she was taken by air ambulance back to New Mexico.

Footage from the city's camera had shown that a second taxi cab was at the scene of the accident, but the time lapse footage failed to document the near-collision of the two vehicles. A supplemental police report, however, identified the driver of the second vehicle as Rachid Oufquir, and a witness at the scene said that a second cab had pulled out into the path of the first cab.

The driver of the second taxi adamantly denied any involvement in the accident, Gillespie said, but through discovery, he obtained dashcam video which showed that the driver failed to yield the right-of-way to Linville's driver. Gillespie called the video "highly implicating and shocking" evidence that resulted in the settlement.

"Besides documenting the truth behind how the accident happened, the powerful video evidence also showed that the negligent driver not only caused and witnessed the...

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