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JurisdictionCalifornia,United States
CitationVol. 32 No. 1
Publication year2023



Membership is open to everyone including lawyers, accountants, enrolled agents, trust officers, and members of other professions related to taxation. There two types of section membership: Regular membership for those who are admitted to the State Bar of California; and Associate membership for all others. Join the Section at


An Executive Committee comprised of three officers and Fifteen members leads the Taxation Section. The chairs of the Standing Committees support the Executive Committee. Government representatives and leading tax practitioners also serve as advisors. The Executive Committee typically meets four times a year. For more information, contact Jacklyn Zumaeta, Chair of the Section.


The Taxation Section is composed of Standing Committees defined by areas of substantive tax law, tax practice. A tax policy committee member is designated for each standing committee. The Standing Committees prepare papers for the annual Washington, D.C. Delegation, develop and present panels at the Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar and California Tax Policy Conference and propose articles for the California Tax Lawyer. Some Standing Committees host their own meetings, conferences, or events throughout the year. Major events sponsored by the Standing Committees include the Annual Estate & Gift Tax Conference and the Annual Income & Other Taxes Seminar. The ten Standing Committees are:

  • Corporate and Pass-Through Entities;
  • Estate and Gift Tax;
  • Income and Other Taxes;
  • International Tax;
  • State and Local Tax;
  • Tax Exempt Organizations;
  • Tax Procedure and Litigation;
  • Women in Taxation; and
  • Young Tax Lawyers.

For more information on a Standing Committees, please contact one of the committee officers listed under the Taxation Section Leadership Directory on page 7 of this issue. Join a standing committee at


The CLA, including all Sections, is committed to actively fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within CLA membership, the current leadership, and the leadership pipeline. The CLA Board of Representatives launched the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative to contribute to ongoing efforts to create a pipeline of diverse candidates for law schools as well as to encourage diversity and inclusion in the profession of law.

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