Tau 330 now handling jumbo rolls.

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Inkjet label press manufacturer Durst is now offering a high-productivity, industrial-scale, "jumbo roll" unwind/rewind option for its Tau 330 UV inkjet digital label press.

Durst's fully automated, servo-driven, external "jumbo roll" unwind/rewind units accommodate rolls up to three feet in diameter, 14" wide and more than 13,000 linear feet in length. For easy and fast handling of large heavy rolls, the system features a built-in roll handler for motorized loading and unloading. Also, a built-in splice table makes roll changes easy and fast. The system's servo drive feeds material in both directions.

This high-productivity configuration can be employed with the standard Tau 330, or with the Tau's Low Migration System for printing on foils and thin films. It handles a range of materials as thick as 20-pt. paperboard. Overall, users can look forward to up to two hours of continuous uninterrupted printing, fewer...

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