TAPPING INTO TECHNOLOGY: How Domino's upped their technology game..

Author:Stirland, Catherine

Domino's International operates 15,900 stores in more than 85 countries around the world. As the globe's leading pizza brand, Domino's shares its success with its franchisees. However, the Domino's franchisees in its Asian Markets recently faced a new challenge. They were losing business to technology-first start-ups like UberEATS.

In the fast-moving online world, major franchises know innovation is essential to secure brand supremacy. Optimized and user-centric mobile ordering is essential for even the world's most technology-savvy companies.

In the Asian Markets, Domino's mobile users complained of slow processing and an interface that wasn't user-friendly. This was a catalyst for change. Domino's contracted Indiez, a Washington, DC-based technology company who had worked with companies such as Uber, McKinsey, Bain, and JLL. Indiez specializes in technical consulting and manages end-to-end IT outsourcing.

The Approach

Domino's has collaborated with accomplished technology partners in order to grow and maintain their portfolio of digital products. Yet, the "FoodTech" landscape is the Wild West when it comes to sourcing a well-qualified team who will over-deliver, especially across multiple platforms. Where does one find the absolute best e-commerce tech vendor that also retains deep assets in the UI/UX space?

First thing was to look for a tech development specialist who understood big-picture ideas and wouldn't exaggerate capabilities. It was essential to acquire an advisor who could help identify problem areas and execute low-risk solutions end-to-end.

Finding the Perfect Match

A helpful factor to Indiez was their focus on "algorithm plus human checks" methodology. Their goal is to curate per-project technology fulfilment from end-to-end by leveraging the power of its "world's best" technology vendor network and in-house IT Consulting capabilities. Their outreach expands for who they are working with, and for "projects large and small, niche and common-place, custom and OTS," according to Partner & VP of Business Development, Benjamin Ross. After consultation with Domino's, Indiez sourced a best-fit vendor-partner whose Design Director had previously led mobile-focused redesign for a $10B e-commerce company.

A problem that presented itself early on was the busy schedules of Domino's leadership team, whose input was critical. To assure the project didn't lose momentum, both Product Manager and Design Director were flown directly to the...

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