Tap a critical resource: the supplier forum.

Author:Isakson, Michael M.

The hallmark of a well-known credit-card company is the often-quoted phrase "Membership has its privileges." This phrase is certainly true as it relates to the value members of the International Franchise Association can rely upon by utilizing the resources of the association's Supplier Forum members. These suppliers provide consistent and expert services to franchise systems that enable them to better operate and enlarge their brands.

This issue of Franchising World magazine presents the 2008 Supplier Source Book, which includes a complete list of providers along with details about the products and services they can provide. Regardless of your franchise company's requirements, Supplier Forum members can fulfill your needs. The forum encompasses nearly 50 categories that range from advertising and design to legal services, executive search to operating manuals, and point-of-sales systems to work wear. This issue also features articles authored by a selection of Supplier Forum leaders.

Gain insights on selecting the best vendor for your franchise company by reading the article by EEnucleus, LLC's Danny Goldberg. Dorsey & Whitney's Gary Duvall, CFE, provides an update on electronic disclosure and how franchises are using it. Considering whether to use a service or in-house payroll-processing vendor? Let Red Wing Software's Jon Isackson help you make that decision. Franchisees can find useful human resource solutions by...

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