Talk of the town.

Position:What's New? - Fashion gaming from Nintendo - Brief article

Do you know your applique from your ombre? Which is hot right now: herringbone or filigree? Dominating the fashion world is a tough job but, with the right tools and a killer sense of style, you and your designs easily can be the talk of the town.

To master one of the five professions, the game experts in the Nintendo Treehouse offer the following tips:

* The in-game encyclopedia (Fashion 101) lets players look up fashion terms.

* After tapping a compatible amiibo figure and speaking to the customer indicated, make a sale using the "Try it On!" option.

* If you choose the "Take a Look" option with a customer, you will have three chances to get the order right. If not satisfied, the character will leave without making a purchase, but will return...

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