Tales of Tara: The Awakening.


Tales of Tara: The Awakening

Tara Shen


Balboa Press

c/o Hay House, Inc.


9781982221393, $28.95, HC, 108pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: "Tales of Tara: The Awakening" is the true-life story of author Tara Shen's spiritual awakening as her past that was repressed surfaces and rocks her world and feeling like an emotional roller-coaster careening up and down, back and forth, moment to moment.

Tara realizes that all is happening for a reason, and she believes she will come through it. She had faith in the process and many guides. The foundation of her world is ripped out from under her. The present challenges she faces of violence, her divorce and death of her mother hardly compare to her horrific past that she is reliving. She pieces together the truth of her past as memories from the past are...

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