A Tale of Two Carriers.

Author:Dempsey, Mary A.

SOME DAYS, AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS seems on the verge of collapse. Other days, the 50-year-old carrier brims with life, adding routes, Internet business and the continent's most cutting-edge frequent flyer card.

Will the real Aerolineas Argentinas please stand up?

Just days before the board of directors injected another US$208 million to float the carrier until a rescue was hammered out, Aerolineas unveiled a laundry list of investments: 21 new B-737 jets, thrice-weekly flights to Los Angeles, California, and a Buenos Aires-Cordoba shuttle with 20 flights daily Electronic tickets are on the horizon.

Aerolineas has new code-sharing deals with Mexicana and Colombian carrier Avianca and now offers cyber fares-last-minute Internet ticket discounts. The airline also pumped $1 million into high-tech frequent flyer cards that book flights and tally mileage via...

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