Position:EDUCATION - College campus tour

It never is too soon to tour college campuses. It helps a student to look to the future and evaluate the institutions he or she may be considering. Universities come in all sizes and each has a unique personality. You can search school websites and read their literature, but you will not discover the flavor of a college without spending some time on campus.

A student may believe he or she has settled on one school but, until an actual visit takes place, there is no definitive way to know if that school will be a good fit. The visit may change your choice.

Every school you are interested in will be eager to show you around. Call and ask to schedule a tour. Upon arrival, you will be assigned a campus ambassador who will accompany you to see the sights. This person usually will be an upper classman at the college. Bring questions with you to ask about the professors, social life, and best places to study

When touring a college campus, remember that getting your degree is just part of the journey towards a successful life and career With that in mind, here are some key places that you should not miss:

Career Center. Nearly 45% of recent college grads are underemployed in low-paying jobs that do not require a degree. Some graduates find themselves with no job at all. The Career Center it is a great resource to help students perfect their resumes and sometimes connect them with internships and other jobrelated opportunities.

Bulletin boards. In the campus buildings you may notice bulletins boards with postings in the hallway. Take some time to read what is posted there. Look for notices of competitions in the student's major of study Is there information about business association meetings? If not, ask your tour guide if the college advertises these types of events. When accessed, professional competitions or business conferences have been instrumental in boosting many students to the top of their fields and getting them connected with professionals in their industry. It shows that the college is proactive in making sure its students can network with professionals.

Professors' offices. Although this usually is not on the planned tour, ask to see where the professors' offices are housed. Are open hours listed? These are times when students can come in to ask questions one-on-one. Accessibility of professors can be the difference between passing or...

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