Taking Care of Brooklyn: Stories of Sickness and Health.


Everyone gets sick. Visiting the doctor, tending to ill loved ones, struggling to afford care, or advocating for equitable services are part of the everyday fabric of our lives. "Taking Care of Brooklyn: Stories of Sickness and Health" explores how centuries of Brooklynites have understood sickness and health. Through the experiences of everyday people giving, receiving, demanding, and being denied health care, the exhibition shows us that sickness is as much a social experience as a biological one.

"Taking Care" tells stories about: changing beliefs, stereotypes, and practices; families and caregivers, activists and experts; and the complicated role of government in people's private lives. It is a project about public health and understandings of disease and more.

Writes Erin Blakemore of The Washington Post: "From the smallpox that wiped out Brooklyn's indigenous residents to more-modern battles over sanitation and public health, disease has played an important role in the borough.

"The exhibition looks at... all facets of health in Brooklyn, from early battles over vaccination to modern calls for better...

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