Taking Aim at an Unsupported Link.

Author:Wong, Dale
Position:LETTERS - Letter to the editor

It seems that Pat Elder ("Target Practice: Troubled Teens, First Person Shooter Games, and the US Military," J/A 2018)) has something in common with Donald Trump and the NRA: they all blame video games for the mass shootings even though there has been no research evidence of a causative effect. Studies on violent video games have been going on for over forty years, but only on their link to hypothetical aggression and not, for ethical reasons, to real-world violence. The research has been mixed and inconclusive. Some of the research showed that there is a decline in violent crime when a new popular violent game is released. And one has to wonder why in countries like Japan, where violent video games are just as popular, there are very few, if any, mass killings. Gun...

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