Taking advantage of booming times.

Position:The view from IMTS 2008


As the cost for production has skyrocketed for many overseas rivals, the United States has enjoyed something of a metalworking manufacturing renaissance in the form of rising exports and domestic sales.

One of the keys for that, says Glynn Fletcher, president of Agie Charmilles U.S., is the cost of energy.

"America is the world's largest country in terms of consumer spending," he says. "As rising fuel costs drive up the prices on goods produced abroad, more and more companies will recognize a benefit in bringing previously outsourced manufacturing back to the U.S."

Fletcher says this is a time of rare opportunity for manufacturers to invest in new and bold technologies--the most surefire way of being on the cutting edge.

"Productivity plays a large role in a manufacturer's ability to maximize profits," he says. "Achieving the highest possible productivity requires a willingness to invest in new technologies. The current state of the market offers many incentives...

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