SI takes a look at gun racks; one way to rack up sales.

Author:Elliott, Barbara
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Who says "you can't take it with you?" When it comes to guns and bows, shooters are taking it with them all over the country - in cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, and, in growing numbers, mountain bikes.

For the savvy gun dealer, this means increased sales of portable gun racks. The trick is to learn where your customer's head is at, regarding how he carries his long guns around, and sell him an appropriate vehicle mounted rack.

Take the matter of hanging guns in the rear window of a pickup truck. Most authorities stress the stupidity of such a move. Might as well hang out a sign saying, "steal me!"

But the fact remains. Numerous shooters and hunters do, indeed, display their guns just that way. As long as there are big numbers of shooters who will put their guns in the window, then it behooves you to stock, and sell, the racks that make it possible. At the same time, when a customer does come into purchase a window rack, you should point out that there are other choices.

Portable gun racks should perform a number of functions. First and foremost, of course, is to hold the firearm or bow securely while underway. No matter what sort of bumps and grinds the vehicle goes through, the sport weapon should remain secure in the rack.

By the same token, the gun should be easily accessible when needed. One of the reason window mounted racks are so popular is the ease of gun access. The shooter need merely reach back, pop the gun out of its spring clips, and he's on his way.

Most of these racks are built essentially the same. Steel posts mount on the window - either by special quick mounts, or by screwing. To these posts are bolted or welded rubber-coated spring steel clips. The firearm or bow is slipped into these clips for transporting.

San Angelo offers the largest selection of spring-clip racks, with about seven models that mount in windows, some of which have additional cables for locking guns in place. In addition, the company has versions for floor mounting of rifles (the firearms stand in a vertical position).

Gee-Lox also offers similar spring-clip racks for window mounting, but was unable to provide us with information on its full line-up.

Any of these window-mounted racks, incidentally, can be wall mounted as well. This makes them useful for hunting camps and cabins, where customers may not want to drop a lot of money for a gun cabinet, but still needs a place to hang his guns while in camp. San Angelo has a four-gun...

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