Take care what you wear.

Author:Firman, Roxane
Position:Be sure to dress appropriately for television

If you're going on TV, you're marketing both yourself and your business, so be sure to dress appropriately. Here are some tips:

  1. When choosing your clothing, plain and simple is usually best if you want the viewer to listen to your message, not look at what you're wearing.

  2. Wear clothes that are comfortable. When you're comfortable, the audience is, too.

  3. Choose clothing that fits well; avoid sleeveless blouses, short skirts, deep "v" necks or large bulky sweaters.

  4. The microphone will clip on to a collar, tie or lapel, better than a tight-fitting shirt or blouse.

  5. Select a combination of neutral tones, avoiding large blocks of solid colors of red, black and white especially near your face. Fire engine red should be avoided, especially if your final show will be distributed on VHS tape.

  6. Video cameras react poorly with highly contrasting stripes, very...

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