Tadbik NJ: now identifying with its parent company, the converter is entering new markets and its next phase of growth.

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Ten years ago, L&NW profiled Logotech, a pressure sensitive label converter in Fairfield, NJ, USA, who, at the time, was just hitting its stride and enjoying growth after a decade in business.

A lot can change in ten years. For starters, the business formerly known as Logotech is now Tadbik NJ, Inc., identifying with its parent company, Tadbik. Based in Israel, Tadbik has evolved to become a comprehensive packaging company with a global manufacturing presence, as well as a strong export business.

The formation of Logotech was just one part of Tadbik's active growth history since its founding in 1983. In the early 80s, Ilan Drory, working in his family's offset printing business, realized there was no PS label production in Israel. Seeing an opportunity, he purchased a Gallus letterpress label press and would sell labels during the day and run the press at night. Drory found success in the Israeli label market, and in 1993 he merged with his biggest competitor, Devikol, who also happened to manufacture label applicators. With the merger, Tadbik controlled 80-90% of the Israeli label market and was also able to offer a comprehensive labeling solution. However, Drory's plan was to take Tadbik beyond both Israel and labels.

In 1995, looking to enter the US label market, Drory started Logotech. Realizing there were product-decorating options apart from PS labels, in 1997 he established Tadbik Pack in Israel to focus on shrink sleeves and IML. With regard to equipment, Drory's philosophy was to have the "best of the best," and Tadbik Pack became one of the first companies in the world to operate an offset and gravure combination press, manufactured by Drent Goebel.

Tadbik invested in CLP in 1999, Israels largest flexible packaging company. With the acquisition, annual sales jumped tripled. Two years later, Tadbik TAT (Tadbik Advanced Technologies) was formed, with a focus on smart label technologies. Also at this time, in 2001, Drory launched--under the CLP name--a pouch-making division in Russia.

In 2004, a state-of-the-art factory was built in Tadion, Israel to provide comprehensive support for labels, shrink sleeves and IML. In 2007, Tadbik purchased the remaining shares of CLP. The company had established a healthy export business, with South Africa becoming a particularly strong market. In 2008, a Tadbik manufacturing facility was opened in South Africa.

After more than four decades of growth...

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