JurisdictionUnited States
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Common Law Of Access And Surface Use In Mining
Chapter 2 Acquiring Express Rights-Of-Way: Drafting Considerations
Chapter 3 Rights Of Access Between Surface Owners And Mineral Lessees
Chapter 4 Regulations Affecting Pipelines
Chapter 5 Rights-Of-Way Across Indian Lands
Chapter 6A Acquiring Federal Rights-Of-Way From The Bureau Of Land Management
Chapter 6B Acquiring Federal Rights Of Way The Forest Service Special Use Authorization Process
Chapter 6C Nps-53 (Revised)—National Park Uses Rights-Of-Way (Appendix 8)
Chapter 7 R.S. 2477: Is This As Good As It Gets?
Chapter 8 Obtaining Rights Of Way By Means Other Than An Express Grant
Chapter 9 Acquisition Of Rights-Of-Way By Condemnation
Chapter 10 Setting A Value On Rights-Of-Way: Kern River Pipeline Project
Chapter 11 The Ins And Outs (And Zigs And Zags)

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