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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Setting The Stage - An Overview Of The Interrelationship Between The Midstream And Upstream Sectors: The Once And Future Midstream Sector
Chapter 2A The Origins Of Real Covenants: Old Legal Doctrines Do Not Die They Merely Hibernate
Chapter 2B State By State Analysis: Case Law On Covenants "Running With The Land"
Chapter 2C Bankruptcy Treatment Of Covenants Running With The Land In Executory Contracts
Chapter 3 Anatomy Of A Commercial Gathering Project
Chapter 4 Dealing With Midstream Commitments Or Acquisitions As A Private Equity Purchaser
Chapter 5 Midstream Oil & Gas From The Upstream Perspective Gathering Your Own Production - Considerations For Producer Gatherers
Chapter 6 Transmission And Gathering Line Leaks And Spills: How The Upstream And Midstream Sector Needs To Plan, Respond, And Defend
Chapter 7 What Producers Need To Know About The Pipeline And Hazardous Materials Safety Administration And The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - Jurisdiction And Changes Ahead
Chapter 8 A Practical Guide To Planning And Permitting A Pipeline
Chapter 9

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