JurisdictionUnited States
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Pooling And Unitization: An Historical Perspective And An Introduction To Basic Vocabulary
Chapter 2 Preparing For The Area And Depth Meeting
Chapter 3 Preparing And Finalizing The Unit Agreement: Making Sure Your Exploratory Ducks Are In A Row
Chapter 4 Time Frames And Operational Obligations
Chapter 5 Paying Well Determinations And Participating Areas
Chapter 6 Participating Areas
Chapter 6A Participating Areas
Chapter 6B Unit Participating Areas: Utah State Office
Chapter 6C Blm New Mexico (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas)
Chapter 6D Blm Colorado Participating Areas
Chapter 6E Unit Participating Areas: Montana/Dakotas
Chapter 7 Plans Of Development, Expansion, Or Unit Contraction
Chapter 8 The Impact Of Unit Events Upon A Federal Oil And Gas Lease
Chapter 9 Issues Related To Unit Title Opinions
Chapter 10 The Unit Operating Agreement For Federal Exploratory Units
Chapter 11 Single Well Spacing And Pooling: State Spacing And Jurisdiction Over Conservation
Chapter 12 Communitization Agreements In The 21St Century
Chapter 13 Access And Surface Use Within Units And Communitized Areas
Chapter 14 3160-9 Communitization Manual
Chapter 15 3180 Regulations
Chapter 16 3180 Unitization Manual
Chapter 17 3180 Unitization Handbook
Chapter 18 Formulating A Federal Or Indian Exploratory Unit Agreement
Chapter 19 Formulating A Federal

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