JurisdictionUnited States

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Due Diligence Process and Its Impact on the Deal
Chapter 2 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements for Due Diligence
Chapter 3 Regulatory Roulette: Preparing for Potential Filings under HSR and CFIUS
Chapter 4 Due Diligence in the Context of the International Oil and Gas Deal
Chapter 5 Due Diligence for Corporate Transactions
Chapter 7A Mastering Essential Aspects of the Attorney-Client Privilege, Work Product Immunity, and Lawyers Ethical Duty of Confidentiality
Chapter 7B Navigating the Safe Harbors of Multijurisdictional Practice
Chapter 8 Oil and Gas Title Due Diligence
Chapter 9 Applying Title Defects under a Typical Purchase Agreement
Chapter 10 Oil and Gas Material Agreements and Unrecorded Documents
Chapter 11 Environmental Diligence: Assessments, Defects, and Deal Terms
Chapter 12 Understanding State Regulatory Schemes when Conducting Due Diligence
Chapter 13 Surface and Subsurface Use and Access Rights
Chapter 14 Land and Title Due

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