IV: systemic infection linked to nursing negligence.

Position:Klotz v. St. Anthony's Med. Ctr., - Brief article

The patient's IV was started in his right hand by emergency medical service personnel before they transported him to the hospital.

Five days into his hospital stay a cardiologist implanted a permanent heart pacemaker.

Following the pacemaker implantation procedure the patient developed sepsis which led to shock and multiple organ failures. He had to start dialysis and then had to have a kidney removed. As his condition deteriorated he had to undergo limb amputations. The pacemaker also had to be removed.

The jury in the Circuit Court, St. Louis County, Missouri apportioned fault 67% to the cardiologist and 33% to the hospital's nurses. The total verdict reportedly was $2,580,000.

Nursing Negligence

The jury accepted testimony that the hospital's nurses neglected to follow the hospital's protocol that any IV catheter inserted outside the hospital had to be removed and a new line started at a...

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