Sybase, Inc., Emeryville, Calif., has released its enterprise data integration solution, Enterprise Connect Data Access 12.5 and Mainframe Connect 12.5, for gaining transparent access to heterogeneous databases. The new versions provide support for the evolving needs of e-Business across the enterprise (client/server and mainframe), including XML and Java, enhanced security and Unicode.

"Sybase's Mainframe Connect is a critical part of our Claims and Membership Systems," said Dave Steck, database systems and administration manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri. "We use Mainframe Connect to access our older claims/membership information stored on our IBM IMS database and connect it to the new claims/membership data stored in ASE. This saves us time and money by allowing us to bring the information back to our Interactive Voice Response system, so many of our members and providers do not have to wait to talk to an agent. We were also able to avoid having to convert the older IMS data as we moved to our new ASE based system."

Enterprise Connect Data Access 12.5 provides the ability to parse and query XML data across the enterprise, including retrieving and extending data to foreign databases such as Oracle 9i and Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, enhanced security with row-level access control and encrypted communications using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol protects a company's critical customer data. The row-level access control security feature also runs across the enterprise, regardless of the database (i.e., DB2 UDB), even if that particular database does not support row-level security.

"For successful implementation of data-access solutions in the e-Business environment, integration with multiple data sources and development languages such as Java and XML is essential," said Carolyn White, senior research analyst at META Group. Enterprise Connect Data Access provides the fundamental building blocks for connectivity between LAN-based clients and enterprise data sources including Sybase(R) Adaptive Server(R) Enterprise, Oracle9i, DB2 UDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, IMS, ODBC- and DRDA-compliant sources. It enables customers to integrate and transform...

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