Sweet Magnolia.

Author:Cox-Cordova, Jill
Position:Brief article - Book review

Sweet Magnolia by Norma L. Jarrett Harlem Moon/Broadway Books, June 2006 $12.95, ISBN 0-767-92142-9

Set on Magnolia Lane in New Orleans, this novel weaves together present and past experiences of sisters Summer and Misa Ledoux. As children, they shared common bonds: a privileged life with membership in high society as well as a strong family unit run by a matriarch who commanded that its name remain untarnished, no matter its guarded secrets.

As adults, Summer and Misa clash on nearly every topic, from their childhood memories to their coping mechanisms. Summer's wedding gives them reason to see each other again, but it is a dark and rain-swept night that changes both of their lives forever.

Jarrett, whose first novel was Sunday Brunch (Harlem Moon/Broadway Books, 2004), ties in the Christian themes of prayer, faith and forgiveness without...

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