Sweet Bye-Bye.

Author:Sealey, Nicole
Position:Brief Article - Book Review

Sweet Bye-Bye by Denise Michelle Harris Walk Worthy Press, September 2004 $23.95, ISBN 0-446-50008-9

My father, a committed Christian, always says, "The only difference between myself and the 'world' is that I am a saved sinner." Sweet Bye-Bye, Denise Michelle Harris's debut novel, reaffirms that unpredictable reality exemplifying the Christian journey. Chantell Meyers, the novel's protagonist, seeks comfort in exceeding work quotas, buying designer clothes and loving a handsome but "unequally yoked" man.

Preoccupied with her physical appearance, Chantell neglects her spiritual health until she needs a faith intervention on her ailing father's behalf. After nearly losing him, she makes a promise to God to become a practicing Christian...

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