Survival skills for CEOs: boulder school imparts outdoor lessons.

Author:Taylor, Mike
Position::Brief Article

JOSH BERNSTEIN BELIEVES THERE ARE parallels between surviving in the wilderness and running a successful company. His Boulder Outdoor Survival School, or BOSS, is prepared to show clients how building a fire from scratch, catching fish with their bare hands or making a shelter out of debris can make them more effective in the workplace.

Making do with less is especially relevant in lean economic times, and that's one thing BOSS instructors know about.

"We don't go camping with backpacks, sleeping bags and tents," says Bernstein, the school's owner and CEO. "We leave all that stuff at home and show people how native cultures around the world live in harmony with the Earth."

The school served as a consultant for the movie "Cast Away" starring Tom Hanks and prepped the contestants of the NBC show "Lost" before they were dropped in Mongolia and Bolivia to fend for themselves. National Geographic was another client. With a growing reputation as one of the world's premier survival schools, BOSS began offering courses for corporate clients in response to popular demand about two years ago.

"The basic mission of our corporate training and...

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