Survey: Norwegian household spending.


On September 10, 2007, Statistics Norway, the government national statistics office, published a summary of its Survey of Consumer Expenditure 2004-2006. The survey offers a fairly complete picture of the spending habits of Norwegian consumers.

The average Norwegian household spent just over us$63,000 per year. Not surprisingly, housing and transportation staked the biggest claim on the Norwegian household budget.

The third biggest expenditure was recreation and culture. Food was in fourth place--a sure indicator of a wealthy, developed market.

Households with children over six years of age have double the size budget when compared with single households. Single households use 34 percent of their expenditures on housing. Couples with children spend 25 percent.

According to Statistics Norway, the difference in spending on housing between singles and couples with children has remained the same for some time.

Specific expenditure items at the top of household lists consumer more than a quarter of the household budget. "Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuel make up the largest expenditure item." The amount spent on these items per year was us$17,900 for the average household.

Statistics Norway says that spending for transportation has stabilized. The average household spent us$11,590 per year, about 16.7 percent of total expenses.

Households spent us$7,586 on average per year for recreation and culture, about 12 percent of the household budget. Food and non-alcoholic beverages amounted to...

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