SURINAME-ELECTIONS-ABOP ready to talk with parties sharing same principles.


A senior official of the Algemene Bevrijdings- en Ontwikkelingspartij (ABOP) says the party, which is headed by former rebel leader, Ronnie Brunswijk, is prepared to hold talks on the formation of a coalition government with any party that has 'similar ideas about the development of the country'.

No official results have been issued for the general elections that took place on Monday, but the preliminary results show that Progressive Reform Party (VHP), the largest party in the opposition, headed by former justice minister, Chandrikapersad (Chan) Santokhi had secured 20 seats while APBO had won eight.

Stanley Betterson (Photo courtesy de Ware Tijd newspaper)

The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) of President Desi Bouterse, according to the preliminary results, has won 16 seats in the election, down from the 26 seats it had enjoyed in the last 51-member National Assembly.

Bouterse has since called on voters here to await the final official results of the elections and that the Independent Electoral Office (OKB) 'will need to decide whether these parliamentarian and regional level elections are binding'.

'The process towards election of the functions of President and Vice-president still need to take place according to our rules and regulations,' he said in a statement, headlined 'Suriname in election process: This is not a crisis; it is a process!'

ABOP chief executive officer, Stanley Betterson, said while the party had expected to win more than eight seats in the elections, it was still pleased with the results.

'We were aiming for ten, but we have eight,' said Betterson, adding that the party is ready to form a coalition with parties that have similar ideas about the development of the country.

'We have not had the most seats ...we look at who is the most suitable partner for us, at parties who want to do things that benefit this country. The party's chairman, Ronnie Brunswijk, has also his ideas on that,' he added,

Media reports Friday said that the VHP and ABOP have started talks on forming a coalition government and that the National Party of Suriname (NPS), headed by former president Ronald Venetiaan, with its four seats could be involved in...

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