Surging Ahead: VetFran Builds on Success: IFA Foundation program eclipses 600 member companies.

Author:Dragomaca, Radim

As the IFA Foundation celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2018, the VetFran program marked a milestone of its own last year--welcoming its 600th member company in 2017 --while looking ahead to growth, innovation and transformation. Founded in 1991, VetFran is on track for 10 percent growth in 2018.

Such continued dynamic growth in the franchise community's commitment to veterans more than a quarter of a century ago speaks volumes about the program. Doing right by veterans is a national calling, and franchising answers that call every day.

The 35th anniversary of the Foundation marks an occasion to look ahead and start a new chapter for VetFran. While the program has created an unprecedented network of opportunity for veterans, the time has come to take the message of franchising nationwide to make sure veterans know these opportunities are available. Expecting veterans to find their way to VetFran online or one of a dozen events around the country each year isn't enough anymore--it's time to take VetFran on the road to veterans in all 50 states.

Virtually every VetFran member company has an untapped resource --veteran franchisees--that can help beyond the discount, star criteria and other member benefits. There is no better voice than a veteran franchisee to tell the story of franchising to another veteran interested in franchising. Veteran franchisees understand service, have experience finding a new mission in running their own business, leading a team and...

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