Surbhi Garg: Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year, 0119 COBJ, Vol. 48, No. 1 Pg. 62

PositionVol. 48, 1 [Page 62]

48 Colo.Law. 62

Surbhi Garg: Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year

Vol. 48, No. 1 [Page 62]

The Colorado Lawyer

January, 2019



The CBA Young Lawyers Division annually honors a rising attorney with the Gary McPherson Award for Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year. Surbhi Garg is the 2018 award recipient.

Surbhi followed a circuitous path to Colorado, and the law. She was born in India, spent part of her childhood in Australia, and moved with her family to Chicago when she was 9 years old. There were no lawyers in her immediate family or social circle, and she did not grow up contemplating a career in law. However, she was academically inclined and particularly loved reading, writing, and problem solving. As is the case for so many other inquisitive students, these personal qualities led Surbhi to eventually consider law school as an appealing source for intellectual challenges.

Surbhi did not have a connection to Colorado before law school, but the University of Colorado offered her a scholarship, and when she came out to visit she quickly became convinced that this was the right place for her. She appreciated the climate and scenery, and the school visit impressed upon her that the CU Law community valued being good citizens as well as scholars.

Law school was a great experience for Surbhi, who found the intellectual engagement and rigor she was looking for. Because she felt she was coming from a place of relative ignorance about the legal profession compared to some of her classmates, she consciously sought out mentors and a professional/personal support network. This brought her into contact with the CBA and the various specialty bars and groups, particularly the South Asian Bar Association, the Asian Pacific American Bar Association, and Moot Court. Meeting people at these events allowed Surbhi to lay the groundwork for her career while still in law school.

After graduating in 2013, Surbhi first joined Kissinger & Fellman, which she had initially connected with through one of her professors. There she got her first exposure to employment law. She found she enjoyed working in employment litigation due to the constant opportunities for problem solving. The law is always changing, and no two situations are ever exactly alike, but one can still connect with the fact patterns. As Surbhi’s experience grew, she observed that companies mostly...

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