Supreme Court Justices Attend Annual 'Red Mass'.


Chief Justice John G. Roberts and two associate justices attended a special religious service for members of the legal community in Washington, D.C., Oct. 6.

The'Red Mass'-so named for the color of the vestments worn by the officiant--is held every year in the nation's capital the Sunday before the Supreme Court returns to session. In past years, clergy have used the religious service to lecture the high court on issues such as abortion, LGBTQ rights and tax aid to religious schools.

Catholic Standard reported that aside from Roberts, Justices Clarence M. Thomas and Stephen G. Breyer attended the mass. Retired Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was also there.

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory of Washington officiated. Gregory said in part, "We pray for all of the members of the judiciary and legal world because yours is the tremendous responsibility of attempting to reflect God's perfect justice and mercy in interpreting the laws of our nation and for all those who will come before you during this next year."

Gregory also included a veiled reference to abortion, saying that those who are affected by the administration of justice include "those...

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