The NEHA Endowment Foundation was established to enable NEHA to do more for the environmental health profession than its annual budget might allow. Special projects and programs supported by the foundation will be carried out for the sole purpose of advancing the profession and its practitioners.

Individuals who have contributed to the foundation are listed below by club category. These listings are based on what people have actually donated to the foundation--not what they have pledged. Names will be published under the appropriate category for 1 year; additional contributions will move individuals to a different category in the following year(s). For each of the categories, there are a number of ways NEHA recognizes and thanks contributors to the foundation. If you are interested in contributing to the Endowment Foundation, please call NEHA at (303) 756-9090. You can also donate online at

Thank you.

DELEGATE CLUB ($1-$99) Name in the Journal for 1 year. Samuel M. Aboagye Ahzairin Ahmad Tunde M. Akinmoladun D.V Asquith Reynolds Steven K. Ault David Banaszynski Dale M. Bates Mikayla Bell Nora K. Birch Logan Blank Sophia P. Boudinova Danielle Bredehoeft Freda W. Bredy Corwin D. Brown D. Gary Brown William B. Burrows Ricardo Calderon Kimberley Carlton Deborah Carpenter William D. Compton Natasha Crawford Sean T. Davis Daniel de la Rosa Thomas P. Devlin Tambra Dunams George Dupuy Ana Ebbert Annette Eshelby Bruce M. Etchison Wendy L. Fanaselle Mark S. Fine Darryl J. Flasphaler Shelby Foerg Debra Freeman Monica A. Fry Keenan Glover Billy B. Green Jacqueline A. Gruza Eric S. Hall James Harber Scott E. Holmes Kjel Howard Anna-Marie Hyatt Amiya Ivey T. Stephen Jones Samuel J. Jorgensen Katrina Keeling James Kenny Soheila Khaila Samantha J. Kirst Eric Klein Maria G. Lara Ayaka Kubo Lau Philip Leger Dion L. Lerman Allan...

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