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Position:Industry outlook 2009

Q: As the cost of raw materials has put a pinch on manufacturers, what do you see are the keys to dealing with rising costs? Longer tool life cycles?

Cutting tool manufacturers have an increasing amount of factors with which to deal, even compared to just a few years ago.


Metals from all over the world have leapt in price in recent years as a result of booming economies in Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

However, Walter USA's Doug Ewald, director of sales-Western US, noted that the figures deserve to be examined.

"Raw materials as well as global competition continue to put pressure on the prices (costs) of manufactured goods," he said.

"A typical cost analysis of a machined component reveals that only 5-7 percent of the overall part cost is the cost of the tooling," Ewald added.

Tool life is one of the most important economic considerations when cutting metal. In roughing...

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